SWORD International provides world class instruction and facilities capable of fulfilling any training requirements in any location. Our Cadre is also capable of providing mobile training solutions at the customers training venue. We strive to ensure each student is meeting their personal and unit level terminal learning objectives. SWORD Internationals training team is uncompromising in our commitment to continuing improvement of tactics, techniques, training aides, and instructor improvement to ensure a real world based, realistic, and an effective training solution.

SWORD Internationals training programs are hands on and performance oriented. Our individual and collective training programs have been created for any level of development or security requirement. Through tactical theory and lessons backed by real-world, practical applications and scenario-based exercises, we work with individuals and teams to ensure your goals are met and you are prepared for your next mission. 


SWORD Internationals training programs are led by professional instructors with hands-on experience and extensive backgrounds serving with elite military and law enforcement specialist units. Their industry experiences includes security management and protective security techniques, diplomacy, governance, international law, and capacity building in post-conflict and complex environments. Our instructors are committed to sharing best practices through cutting-edge training techniques and their personal, real-world experiences.

Our instructors have a wide array of backgrounds, hailing from the most prestigious units in the United States Military and renown Law Enforcement organizations, including:

  • NSW
  • U.S. Army and Marine Corps Specialties
  • JSOC
  • Rangers
  • Local and Federal Law Enforcement


Tyler Wammer

Tyler W. is an exceptional firearms instructor, with an impressive background in military and law enforcement. As a four-year Marine Corps veteran who served two combat deployments, Tyler’s experience in the field is invaluable. In addition to his military service, he joined the Reno Police Department, where he was awarded Top Shot in his class and graduated at the top of his academy. With his abilities recognized, Tyler was quickly promoted to work on the Downtown Enforcement team, where he focused on plain clothes operations, targeting guns, drugs, and violent crimes.

Thanks to his exceptional skills and experience, Tyler was able to join the Reno SWAT team, where he continued to excel. His performance in SWAT school was outstanding, earning him the top spot in his class. Tyler’s expertise also helped to develop the CQB and Marksmanship Program for the team, demonstrating his commitment to developing the best possible training programs for his fellow officers.

Currently, Tyler works on an Executive Protection detail for a high-net-worth family, where he utilizes his skills and training to ensure their safety. As a highly proficient instructor in pistol, carbine, and CCW, Tyler has assisted and taken on many other disciplines such as areal interdiction, CQB, night vision, urban movement, and vehicle tactics. His passion for training and instructing is evident in his willingness to help others and continuously learn and grow from others. Tyler’s expertise, dedication, and experience make him an outstanding instructor, and we are honored to have him on our team.

Buck Stetler

Buck Stetler is a highly accomplished instructor with an impressive background in law enforcement, marked by 15 years of invaluable experience. Buck’s expertise as a primary active shooter instructor, SWAT Team Lead, and his specialization in Close Quarters Battle, explosive breaching, and firearms instruction for the teams, sets him apart as a true expert in the field.

During his tenure in law enforcement, Buck spent 9 years attached to a Federal Government Task Force focused on combating Gangs, Guns, and Drugs all over the U.S. This experience has honed his skills to provide exceptional training that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Buck’s skillset as a firearms instructor has been honed over 11 years, during which time he has provided instruction to multiple units and teams, including the U.S. Military, law enforcement agencies, the civilian community, and international training to allied countries. His dedication to providing high-quality training is unparalleled, and his extensive experience demonstrates his exceptional level of expertise and professionalism.

Overall, Buck’s impressive background and unparalleled skills make him an exceptional instructor that is highly sought after in his field. His passion for providing exceptional training, coupled with his extensive experience, sets him apart as a real asset to any individual or organization seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge.