Student initiated cancelations at least 14 days prior to class date are refundable MINUS a $50 processing fee. Student cancelations less than 14 days prior to class are NON REFUNDABLE.

Students should expect classes to run rain or shine, though SWORD reserves the right to cancel due to extreme weather (cold, snow). SWORD initiated cancelations will receive a full refund.

Refunds may be applied as credits at the student’s discretion. Credits remain valid for 1 year.

Pistol/Carbine Level 1


Our Pistol and Carbine Courses are designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to handle firearms with precision and efficiency in combat environments. Our comprehensive curriculum covers all the crucial techniques needed to handle a pistol and a carbine, from loading and unloading to strategic shooting positions, optimizing weapon system interface, target discrimination, and proactive and reactive gunfighting.

In our Pistol Level 1 course, we leave no stone unturned. We cover all aspects of pistol usage and manipulation, from loading and unloading to draw, presentation, sighting, trigger manipulations, recoil management, and follow-through. By the end of our program, you will have a deep understanding of the key factors that affect your firearm manipulation skills, allowing you to enhance your speed and accuracy. You will also gain a deeper insight into the nuances that contribute to your performance, and receive valuable tools to help you refine your skills independently. Our course is perfect for beginners and experienced shooters alike, so join us and take your shooting skills to the next level!

Our Carbine Courses are designed to help you master the art of carbine operation in combat environments. We focus on improving your cognitive abilities and physical responses, allowing you to manipulate the firearm with accuracy and discretion. Our program covers a wide range of critical topics, including accuracy and efficient mechanics, self-awareness, strategic shooting positions, optimizing weapon system interface, target discrimination, and proactive and reactive gunfighting.

Our curriculum provides a multifaceted approach to carbine training, enabling you to develop skills that are relevant to real-world combat situations. We challenge you to think critically, react quickly, and perform at your best under pressure. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a novice shooter, our courses are designed to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals. By simulating non-optimal situations, we enable you to work with what’s available to you, improving your survivability, and gaining an advantage. By focusing on areas of weakness and tackling worst-case scenarios, our course enhances your problem-solving skills and further develops your mental processes in a combat setting.

Enroll now in our Pistol and Carbine Courses and learn from our expert instructors who have extensive experience in the military and law enforcement. Gain the skills and knowledge you need to excel in pistol and carbine usage, and be confident in any combat situation. Our courses are perfect for anyone looking to develop their firearm skills and take their shooting abilities to the next level. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to master the art of pistol and carbine operation!

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