Financing your next SWORD International firearm is easy and can be done right at checkout within your shopping cart. Credova is a third-party e-commerce platform offering multiple financing options with one application helping you find a payment option that best fits into your budget.  Get approved with no credit impact! There’s no application fee and what’s even better is you’re able to apply before you shop to know what you have been approved for or apply at checkout and receive a financing offer right there and then.




Apply online 24/7 for financing approvals in seconds. Applications can be filled out from any device with an internet connection. If you have any questions about the application, call 833-273-3682 to reach customer support during normal business hours of 6AM to 6PM PST.


There are no hard credit inquiries so you can get approved with no impact to your credit score.


Credova puts the purchasing power in your hands with monthly payments instead of paying for the entire purchase upfront.



What if I want to purchase a rifle in excess of $5000?

If you wish to purchase a firearm that exceeds the $5000 limit, don’t worry we got you! You can put the difference down and finance the remainder!

What type of financing is offered?
Credova is partnered with a network of financing options that offer retail installment sales contracts (RISCs).
What is a RISC?
With a RISC, you are purchasing the item and agreeing to make installment payments over a specific term plus any associated interest rate.
Am I locked into financing for the full term?
Not at all. You can payoff your balance at anytime and there are never any prepayment penalties!
What is the interest rate?
The interest rate is the amount charged, as a percentage of principal, by a retailer to a consumer for the ability to pay for an item over time. This is often expressed over an annual basis commonly referred to as the annual percentage rate (APR). With a RISC, the system considers more than just your credit and your interest rate will vary based on the information provided. Please review your offer/s carefully prior to completing your agreement.
How much will I be approved for?
Depending on your application details, we can approve you between $300 and $5,000.
How Easy Is it to Apply?
Very easy! Online applications only require basic information and you can receive an approval in seconds.
If I have bad credit, will I be declined?
Credova considers all credit types in the approval process. Keep in mind, there is no hard credit inquiry, so applying won’t affect your credit score.
How often are payments made?
Payments are required at minimum once a month on your scheduled due date.
When will my purchase be shipped to me?
Please allow up to 10 business days for loan processing to complete and products to ship. Any firearm purchase must be shipped to your local FFL dealer rather than your home address. For shipping timing and tracking, SWORD will provide tracking once the firearm has shipped.
How much do I have to pay today?
SWORD will not require any up front payment during the purchase process. Programs offered on SWORD’s website will not require a payment for atleast 30 days.
How do I apply?

You may apply for financing anytime prior to checking out. There are multiple places throughout the website that will provide a link for you to apply, including any place where you see “Get Financing For As Low As” on product pages. You can also visit .

If I am approved, how long is my approval?
Pre-qualification approvals are good for 30 days while full approvals are good for 60 days.
Who can assist me if I am having trouble with my application?
If you have any questions about your financing or need assistance with your application, please reach out to Credova support at 833-273-3682. You can also e-mail support at or visit the Credova website at and select the Chat feature from the homepage.
Am I able to finance a purchase if using a discount code or special promotion?
Only purchases at full MSRP qualify for financing. Discounts and promotions disqualify the purchaser from the finance option.
Can I payoff my contract early?
You are able to buyout of your contract at anytime.

Review the Credova Privacy Policy found at Terms of Service can be found at Review Credova disclosures and offer details within the Credova API.
*Terms and conditions dependent upon the applicants credit profile.